I carefully read your book, The Silencing of Satan, all the way through and thoroughly enjoyed it. I learned a lot, which I usually don't anymore from things written on this topic. Your book is refreshing, inspiring, and very well written, making a lot of solid biblical sense. I have highly recommended the book to my Sanctuary class at the seminary this semester. - Dr. RoyGane, Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, Andrews University

"Brad, I finished your book. Obviously because I studied theology at both La Sierra and Andrews, I am well aware of the arguments for the Investigative Judgment. In The Silencing of Satan however, you plowed new creative ground. I found especially enlightening the first chapters where you show that although the exact word "investigate" is not used in modern translations, there is plenty of evidence in the Greek and Hebrew that shows that many texts in both the New & Old Testaments could be translated using the word "investigate." This is
new work that I have seen no where else. Congratulations on your book. And may God bless your ministry. - Dr. Rick Kuykendall (Former SDA pastor)

"As a Christian writer, I'm completing Profiles in Faith, a study in comparative religion dealing with everything from Hinduism and Buddhism, to Mormonism and Roman Catholicism. While working on my final chapter, about Seventh-day Adventists, I felt a need to explain and defend SDA doctrines in the face of many misconceptions at large in the world. I felt competent to discuss virtually all of those teachings—except that of the Pre-Advent Investigative Judgment—for although I felt it basically Biblical, I inwardly sensed the evidence as being somewhat weaker and therefore more difficult to justify to non-Adventist readers. It was then you providentially handed me a copy of your book, The Silencing of Satan—without even knowing my situation and need! I eagerly read it through and praised the Lord for your insight and fresh approach to a doctrine that has been more troublesome than most. As a theologian in this area, Pastor Williams, two major accomplishments must be chalked up in your favor: (1) Your iron-clad case that 'investigate' is a valid and correct translation of the Greek, and (2) your successful transformation of God's judgment of the saints from something too many fear and dread to a glorious part of the 'good news' of His gospel!" — Howard Peth, Retired College Professor, First Elder – Vista Seventh-day Adventist Church, Vista, California

I loaded up on books from the ABC a few days ago, one of which is The Silencing of Satan: The Gospel of the Investigative Judgment, by Bradley R. Williams. It's a slim, but substantive volume. Unlike the two books by Cliff Goldstein, which focus mostly on establishing the 2300 day timeline, this book provides more of a spiritual rationale and introduction to the subject (although it does provide a few chapters on the 2300 days and the specifics of Daniel 8:14 toward the end).
Chapter 7 in Pastor Williams' book deals with the "context" problem of Daniel 8, in which critics such as Des Ford have alleged that the context of Daniel 8 is not a judgment of the saints (and hence not an investigative judgment and not related to the typical Day of Atonement) but rather a judgment of the little horn persecuting power. I think the chapter deals with the problem fairly well. It's an area I don't think other SDA books on the topic, or the Sabbath School lesson quarterly a year ago, delt with very well, if at all. Reading chapter 7 has alleviated my concerns somewhat about the contextual problem of Daniel 8. – Lazarus, at http://www.revivalsermons.org/forums/index.php?topic=1719.20

"I finished your book tonight. It really is one of the best books I've read on what the Bible teaches about the Investigative Judgment. I was excited to read every chapter, particularly Chapters 3, 7, 10, and 11. I plan eventually to reread the entire book and write in greater detail what my reaction is to each chapter. For now I can tell you that the great strengths of your book are that it shows (1) that there is good Biblical evidence for a judgment involving the saints; (2) there is no reason for the Christian, if he understands properly what the IJ is about, to feel that the IJ destroys his confidence in salvation; and (3) the IJ follows a clear Biblical pattern of time prophecies and announcements by prophets prior judgment." - James Gale

"Bradley Williams, an SDA pastor, has recently written and published a wonderful book about the Investigative Judgment, entitled, The Silencing of Satan . . . It is one of the best books I have ever read on the subject, based completely on the Bible evidence, and showing that the Adventist view of the Pre-Advent Judgment is Biblically sound. He also deals at length with the question often raised of the Christian's assurance of salvation in the light of the Investigative Judgment. It is 150 pages long and is a great book to study along with this quarterly's Sabbath School Bible Study Guide on the same topic." - Posted on AdventistToday web site by James Gale


"Thank you, thank you for an opportunity to read this. I am excited about it! The experience has been a spiritual blessing to me. I feel God speaking through what you have written. It is hard for me to imagine anyone who doubts the investigative judgment doctrine not seriously reconsidering after reading this material." -- Eloise Tinker

"I found [your book] most interesting, extremely well-written, and most helpful spiritually. You showed and acquaintance with the principal . . . critics of . . . the Investigative Judgment, and answered them most ably and helpfully, in my judgment. You had a new ‘slant' on the subject . . ." -- Dr. Roger W. Coon

"You address the criticisms in easy readable style. Your concepts seem to me to be quite orthodox." -- Frank B. Holbrook

"Thanks ever so much for sending me a copy of your manuscript about the pre-advent udgment. I think you have done a very fine job of presenting it in the light of the gospel, a really excellent approach. I liked your approach, going from linguistics to theology to prophecy. A very nice and logical arrangement. I think that the word studies at the beginning of the book are very clear and very useful." -- Dr. William H. Shea

"A pre-Advent determination seemed logical, but I couldn't put it together with scriptures. ... What a surprise to see the answers so simply .... Every chapter [of your book] ... had surprises .... I insisted on looking up the texts for myself to see if the intent was really there .... I believe our churches have a deep need for this information ... not only to share the truth of a pre-Advent judgment (which comes through so openly obvious [in your book]), but to give, as I experienced, a totally new picture of what our precious Savior is doing for us now." -- Marge Allen
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